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Google pauses green card applications from employees

Google recently made the announcement that 12,000 employees would be let go globally, and the corporation now has more bad news for IT engineers. The business informed its international workers stationed in the US through email that it had decided to temporarily halt Program Electronic Review Management (PERM). Simply put, Google is stopping new PERM files, which are necessary to acquire an employer-sponsored immigrant visa (green card).

According to reports, a Google employee posted the email on Team Blind, an anonymous social media platform for qualified IT professionals. The software company sent out an email informing workers of their decision to halt fresh green card applications. It acknowledged that this was a difficult decision for them to make but advised staff to be aware of the decision.

“I wanted to advise you as fast as possible on the unfortunate decision we’ve had to make to suspend new PERM applications since I recognize how this news may affect some of you and your families. Other visa programs or applications are unaffected by this “a company executive’s email was reviewed.Read more:-

If you’re not aware, an H1B visa only permits you to temporarily live and work in the US. In contrast, a green card allows you to permanently reside and work in the US. People may stay in the country under the PERM program for at least ten years before having to renew their visas. To enable foreign workers to achieve a permanent stay in the nation, the employer must first obtain a “Labour Certification (LC) from the Department of Labor (DOL).” The employer must submit an immigrant workers petition to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) within six months of the DOL’s approval of this PERM application. 

In order to hire a foreign national, the business must demonstrate in the PERM procedure that it cannot find a qualified American worker for the position. There are other factors that are considered in this.

Google is halting new green card applications, though, why? Although the firm hasn’t stated why it is probably because it recently announced the layoff of thousands of employees. As a result, it may be challenging for Google to argue with USCIS to allow foreign IT specialists to become permanent citizens.

Harsh Soni
Harsh Soni
Harsh is pursuing a graduation in Medicine. He has been working as a creative writer and news editor for the past 4 years. He is passionate about writing and learning new concepts.


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