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Pokemon is coming to an end. What’s Next?

A new Scarlet and Violet anime may be in the works, according to the most recent information for Pokemon enthusiasts. We recently saw a preview towards the conclusion of Pokemon Journeys in Episode 133 and based on that, we can anticipate the release of a new Pokemon anime shortly.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Anime Launch!

The game was released some time ago and immediately took off among Pokemon fans. The new anime is eagerly awaited, especially given how well-known the Pokemon franchise is.
Team Rocket was seen in the Paldea Region looking for a Pokemon at the conclusion of Episode 133.
They soon stumbled across Sprigatigo, their intended target, but were unable to capture it. The starter Pokemon in the Scarlet and Violet game is the same as this one.

Ash Ketchum’s story is drawing to a close, and a new protagonist might appear shortly. This is regarded as another dangerous development that might go either way.

Another idea contends that the franchise is looking for a new mascot following Pikachu’s enormous popularity. Evee might be the future protagonist’s sidekick, especially considering that the game’s opening event was called an Eevee terra-raid.

Harsh Soni
Harsh Soni
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