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TAP has already paid all refunds to customers in the USA

TAP claims that refunds to customers in the United States have already been paid, following the fine imposed by the US federal authorities, of one million euros, for canceled or significantly delayed trips since the beginning of the pandemic.

At issue is a fine imposed by the US Department of Transportation (DoT) on several airlines for delaying refunds too long, violating consumer protection rules.

Tap Air Portugal was ordered to pay a fine of one million euros, relating to refunds worth more than 122 million euros, according to information released by the US authorities.

“While our mostly manual claims process was up to the task before the pandemic, our 90% reduced workforce, combined with an avalanche of claims due to Covid-19, meant that we were not able to deal in a timely manner with the massive and unprecedented requests, which were often complicated with reservations and multiple payment systems”, begins by explaining an official TAP source, in a written response to Lusa.

The airline also explains that it hired additional staff, as soon as it was financially able to do so, and invested in “implementing automated solutions to facilitate refunds, which have now all been paid and accounted for”.

“We take the DoT rules very seriously and are fully committed to complying with them. We have made good faith efforts to process customer refunds as promptly as possible during the extraordinarily challenging circumstances caused by covid-19”, underlined TAP.



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