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House Approves Bill That Increases Penalties For Crimes Against Children

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday (9) the bill that increases the penalties for various sexual crimes against children and adolescents, classifying them as heinous . The proposal will be sent to the Senate.

According to the text, those convicted of more serious crimes of this nature, provided for in the Penal Code or in the Statute of Children and Adolescents (ECA) , will not have the right to temporary release, which may be granted to prisoners with good behavior.

In other situations, in crimes involving the production, possession or distribution of sex scenes with children or adolescents, there will be a new condition for the convicts to be able to take advantage of this temporary exit: the prohibition of approaching kindergarten, elementary or high schools and to frequent parks and squares with playgrounds.

Those convicted of the latter types of crimes must also wear the electronic anklet, both on temporary leave and on house arrest. This will also apply to the person convicted of the crime of enticing or embarrassing a child or adolescent in order to perform a lewd act with her.

“I usually say that pedophilia is the worst type of crime that can happen, because it is a crime that is committed against children. It is a crime that destroys the innocence of our children; that harms our families; that puts childhood at risk,” said Clarissa Garotinho.

“Every day, a child loses his innocence. Some even lose their lives, unfortunately. What we cannot do is lose, here in Congress, the chance to change this history, making pedophilia a heinous crime”, said the author of the proposal.

For the project’s rapporteur, Charlles Evangelista, “the plenary showed today that it really does not condone this type of crime and wants to protect children.”

Currently, among the sexual crimes against children and adolescents, only rape of a vulnerable person and favoring prostitution or any other form of sexual exploitation of a child or adolescent or vulnerable person are considered heinous.

A person convicted of a heinous crime cannot count on amnesty, grace, pardon or bail; begins to serve the sentence in a closed regime; and needs to serve more time in prison to have the semi-open regime.

“This project has been going on since 2015 and is extremely important because it will be a watershed in the protection of children and adolescents in Brazil”, argued the rapporteur.

Fonte: Agência Câmara de Notícias



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