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Football World Was United During Global Crisis

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Wherever you go, whatever TV channel you put on, whichever social media you choose to use, you can’t escape the biggest global crisis in decades. The first for my generation, which makes me think how lucky at least I’ve been my whole life.

The pandemic has clouded us all with uncertainty and genuine fear for the coming months. Never did I think I would be speaking about a life threatening virus on this blog. But the severity of the situation has meant even our beautiful game of football hasn’t been able to escape from the clutches of this global crisis.

There was a quote I read somewhere. Football is the most important of the least important things in the world, which is so true. It’s felt like months since Atletico Madrid stunned Liverpool at Anfield to knock the reigning champions out of the Champions League.

You won’t believe me when I tell you it was TWO WEEKS ago. Self-isolation, social distancing and now weekends without the beautiful game have left us football fans feeling empty. What is meant to be temporary has felt like years without our beloved sport. Never will I take Newcastle vs Burnley for granted again. Football will return one day. But it doesn’t look like any time soon.

The absence of football has meant all we can do is reminisce over the good times. The amount of past games and highlight reels I’ve seen being posted on Twitter just makes me miss football even more. From a selfish point of view, even our small blog has been starved of content. But even in the worst of times for so many unlucky people on this planet, the football world has come together and shown significant support in the fight against Coronavirus.

It’s no secret footballers are in privileged positions and among the luckiest people on this planet. Doing what they love for astronomical wages, you couldn’t ask for more. But as much as they get criticised for how much they earn compared to other jobs in the economy, we’ve seen the best side of footballers come through. Players have been using their positions for the greater good, both financially and to raise awareness about this threat to the world.

So to appreciate the generosity of great human beings, let alone great players, we thought we would highlight how football world has united in the fight against COVID-19:

Donations, helping out and raising awareness Mane has donated €45,000 to his native Senegal alongside the charitable work he already does there.



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