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576 Liberian Ministers in Minnesota Host Installation Dinner Sunday

The Liberian Ministers Association in Minnesota (LMA) will host an installation dinner this Sunday, February 28, 2010 at the Park Center High School in Brooklyn Park.

The dinner, according to a release issued to The Liberian Journal (TLJ), is a combination of an induction ceremony and a fundraiser.

Most of the officers of the association–who had already served for two years–were re-elected in November of 2009, to serve another two-year term. The new term runs from November of 2009 to December of 2011.

Those to be installed are: Rev. Dr. Josef Howard (Executive Director), Rev. Dr. Francis Tabla (Assistant Executive Director), Rev. William Kallon (Secretary), Rev. Samuel Vansiea (Treasurer), Dr. James Njoroge (Chaplain), and Pastor Joe Nelson (Publicity Director).

Others are—Rev. Charles Goah (Board Chair), Rev. Alexander Collins (Board member), Rev. Kwiah Roberts (Board member), Rev. Uriel Caine (Board member), Rev. Steve Cole (Board member), and Rev. Edward Nepaye (Board Member).

Pastor Nathaniel Friday of the Bethel World Outreach Church will serve as installing officer.

“Our goal is to raise fund to sponsor a Liberian pastor to attend the Baptist Theological Seminary for four years—who will then return to his or village to continue God’s works”, Rev. Dr. Josef Howard told TLJ.

The LMA boss also revealed that funds generated from the dinner will provide a down payment towards a major revival and training for pastors in Liberia, as part of a major effort dubbed “Liberian Reconciliation Crusade 2011”.

Meanwhile, TLJ has confirmed that LMA has chosen not to invite community organisations and leaders, raising questions as to whether the dinner is an exclusive ceremony for only the “anointed ones”. Rev. Howard disagrees.

In response to a question about the exclusive nature of the event, the LMA Executive Director said:” We just never had time to invite other people. In fact, without invitations, we can manage the attendance. We just simply cannot feed everybody”.

Established in 1996, LMA is built on what the leadership calls “the need for fellowship amongst pastors, assisting new Liberian ministers coming to the Twin Cities, and working together in various aspects of ministry”.



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